Recall Information


We cannot accept items that have been recalled.

Please read below for some common items that have been recalled and use the recall checker provided.

Items that we cannot accept because of frequent recalls:
  • cheap metal jewelry
  • shirts or jackets with drawstrings around the neck
  • cheap, off-brand toys
  • drop-side cribs
  • any cribs manufactured before June 2011
  • bath seats
  • baby walkers that roll
  • toys containing small magnets

The 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was designed to protect children from products containing lead or other dangerous substances, including phthalates. Resellers cannot knowingly sell children’s products that do not meet the requirements of the law. We will not accept the following items, as they are more likely to violate this law:

  • Children’s books printed before 1985
  • Clothing items with decorative zippers, metal buttons, vinyl appliqués, rhinestones (sizes 4 & under), metal “charms”
  • Toys missing their battery compartment cover or screw
  • Toys that are easily breakable or have loose or missing parts that could cause it to be a choking hazard
  • Vinyl baby books
  • Items with chipped paint
  • Any toy made for infants containing soft plastics, including teethers

Check to see if your items have been recalled by searching below.

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