How to Prepare & Tag Your Inventory

Materials Needed:

  • White Card Stock (available at Mountaintop’s front desk or you can purchase your own)
  • Metal/Wire hangers (dry cleaners will usually sell them)
  • Safety pins
  • Zip lock bags
  • Clear packing tape (for shoes, toys, & equipment)
  • Scotch tape (for books only)

Gather your items and follow these steps:

  • LOG-IN to your consignor account (after registering)
    • Click on “Work with Consigned Inventory”
    • Click on “Work with My Consigned Items (Active Inventory)
  • BEGIN entering each of your items
  • CHOOSE the appropriate category
  • SIZING:  for children’s clothing, use number sizes only; convert S, M & L to numbers please. Maternity may sized as S, M, L, XL, etc.

Need to translate a S-M-L size to a number size? These charts may help you estimate the sizes of your clothing items.  Or you can click here  for a list of common brands like Carter’s, Disney, Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Anderson, and Old Navy.

CHILDREN X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Newborn 0-3 months 3-6 months 6-9 months
Infant 12 months 18 months 24 months
Toddler 2T 3T 4T
Boys 4-5 6-7 8-10 12-14 16-18
Girls 4-5 6-6X 7-8 10-12 14-16


0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18 18-20 22-24 26-28


  • DESCRIPTION:  Give your items a good description – brand, color, 2-piece, something specific about that item (Good description =  “Gymboree pink top & zebra pants”); (Bad description = “Pink shirt”).  This is very important because if we find an item without it’s tag, we can search for it in our system as long as you typed a good description and still be able to sell the item.
  • PRICING:  A general rule for pricing your item is to figure 25-35% of what you originally paid. The condition and brand of the item will raise or lower that figure;  Ask yourself, “What would I pay for this item used today?”  Also, remember that your item may not be worth as much to someone else as it is to you.
  • DISCOUNTING:  On Saturday, items that are marked will be 25% off.  Consider allowing your some or all of your items to be discounted.  It’s a fact that shoppers who come in on Saturday love the feeling of buying something “on sale” regardless of the initial price.  It’s proven that you will sell more, if you are willing to let you items be discounted.  Remember, it’s only 25%.  Take this into consideration when coming up with you price.
  • DONATING:  If you do not want some or all of your unsold items returned to you, just check the donate box and a “D” will print out on your tags.  Your donations go to Save-a-life, The Forgotten Initiative, Raleigh’s Place, Helping Hands, Red Barn, and Sozo Trading Company.
  • Enter as many items as you want to at one time; you can leave and pick up where you left off later.
  • HELPFUL HINT: keep your items stacked and sorted in the same order as you are entering them into you inventory.  Once your tags are printed it is much easier to match them up to the items.
  • PAST INVENTORY: must be reactivated if you want to try to sell again;  if you make changes to price, discount or donate, new tags must be printed.

Hanging Clothing

  • Place clothing on hangers with the hook turned left (see pictures below)
  • Pants, jeans, shorts & skirts should be secured to the TOP part of the hangers using safety pins (see pictures below); DO NOT pin at the far edges of the waist band (this will cause the item to slide to the bottom part of the hanger; instead, place pins towards the center, so they do not slide down to the bottom of the hanger; test the item by tilting the hanger from side to side and see if the pants will slide off the edges to the bottom
  • Jeans & pants require bigger/stronger safety pins to stay securely attached;
  • If an item looks like it may come off the hanger, add more safety pins!  Items do not sell if they have fallen under the racks or if they lose their tag.
  • 2 piece outfits: first, hang the top; second pin the pants behind the shirt to the exposed top part of hanger  (*See pictures below)
  • Onesies:  hang or pin to hanger.  Do not put in plastic bags.  Pin sets of onesies together on a hanger.
  • Bloomers & Diaper Covers:  pin to hangers like pants
  • Make sure clothing is clean and pressed if necessary.

Correct Way to Hang
Top of hanger curving to the left away from the tag

photo 1

Back Side
Pants pinned behind the top to the exposed part of the hanger
**DO NOT pin the pants to the shirt, only pin to the hanger

photo 3

Hanging Pants Only
Jeans/pants/shorts/skirts pinned to TOP of hanger

photo 4

Tagging Clothing

  • Print tags from your consignor account
  • Pay attention to the instructions on the page
  • Pop up blockers can affect this process; just read instructions on page
  • If you chose to discount any of your items, those tags will have a star above the price.  This star can print in red or black, it doesn’t matter.
  • If you chose to donate any of your items, those tags will have a big “D” on them.
  • Pin to the top right of clothing when looking at the item (see picture above)


  • SHOES MUST BE SUPER CLEAN! (including bottoms)
  • Noticeable scuffing will not be accepted
  • Shoes must be appropriate to the season
  • Must be placed in ziploc bags
  • Large shoes that won’t fit in gallon size bags: tie laces together and place a safety pin thru them to secure tightly.  For shoes without laces use the appropriate size ziploc to keep them together (ie. 2 gallon bags). Another option is to use zip ties to hold shoes together. Our goal is to keep matching pairs together. Please use your best judgment to help make this possible.
  • Place tags inside the bags
  • Tape top of bags with clear packing tape

Toys, Books, Equipment & Furniture

  • Use clear packaging tape only! This process will protect your card from being ripped or damaged by tape or small children.
  • Toys having loose pieces should be placed in a ziploc bag then attached to the item as securely as possible. (Imagine 10 toddlers surrounding your item and tape accordingly. We are not responsible for lost or damaged pieces.)
  • If you don’t want children to get into your bags of toys, reinforce with tape.
  • BOOKS: apply tag with scotch tape; packing tape may rip paper off books
  • WOODEN PUZZLES: wrap in plastic wrap or place in plastic bag and tape closed; DO NOT put tape directly on puzzles to hold pieces down it will damage the puzzle when removed
  • SMALL ITEMS:  bows, bibs, baby accessories, small toys, should be placed in ziploc bags with tag inside


If you are unsure how to prepare an item, please email us and we will be glad to answer any questions.

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