Market on the Mountain is permanently closing.

For everything there is a season… Together we’ve learned, grown and felt our seasons change in ways we never imagined a year ago. After much prayer and with sure hearts, we have decided that Market on the Mountain’s season has finally come to an end. 

We are proud and humbled to have been able to make significant contributions to various ministries and to have served our community in a very real way over the last decade. The donations our consignors gave at the end of each sale helped countless local families during their own tough seasons and we are forever thankful for your example of love and generosity.

We are so grateful to the dozens of committee members, the hundreds of volunteers and the thousands of shoppers from our beloved community who have all uniquely contributed to the sale’s success throughout the years. Although our season has come to an end, what a joy y’all made this journey along the way!


Mountaintop Community Church - Student Center

225 Centerview Dr, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

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